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Alpha Cancer Technologies Inc., (ACT) is a private clinical stage biotechnology company with products under development in oncology and auto-immune disease indications. The company’s drug products use our proprietary recombinant human alpha fetoprotein (AFP) with unique immuno-oncology properties.

One of the largest US biotech companies recently purchased a 14% equity stake in ACT for US $7.5 million as part of a larger financing with institutional and private investors.


In oncology AFP can deliver chemotherapy on a targeted basis to significantly reduce the toxic effect of treatment. In autoimmune indications the company is ready to enter Phase II clinical trials in Myasthenia Gravis (MG) (Orphan Drug Designation from FDA). This will be followed by Phase II study in multiple sclerosis. AFP has been shown to be as safe as placebo in clinical trials in over 400 patients.

AFP combined with chemotherapy targets cancer cells with a very high degree of selectivity and has been shown to overcome drug resistance that many cancers develop in response to chemotherapy. This approach is highly selective for cancer cells with AFP receptors and almost all solid and liquid tumors express these receptors. AFP loaded with chemotherapy cannot enter normal cells which greatly reduces systemic toxicity.


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